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Who are the top free agents?

Top Football Free Agents available in 2019

The Winter transfer window or as we say the January transfer window is closed, but there are still few free agents that can be signed by the clubs to improve their squad depth. Among the free agents available we take a look at the top free agents available.

1. Yaya Toure

The 35 year old former Manchester City midfielder can Toure free agentsbring in the X-factor required for a club. He had won titles before and can lead a team with the experience he has on the pitch. In a recent interview he said that he is not done as a player and can give a team his best even at this age.



 2. Yohan Cabaye

The experience playing most of his career at the tCabaye football free agentsop level in the English division with teams like Newcastle and Crystal palace, the 33 year old player could certainly be the experienced free agent a team needs. He joined PSG lastly on free agent. So he might be a great option.


3. Patrice Evra

Former captain ofEvra free agents Manchester United and a solid left back in his prime might just be the player a team requires. He has been a free agent since 2018 looking for a club. He has played for top teams his whole career playing for Manchester United and Juventus where he has won titles in both the club. Therefore, he can be one of the better options for any team.


4. Giuseppe Rossi

Rossi free agents

The Italian never reached his prime. His career always had ups and downs. He has had an injury struck career and now making a comeback. Besides that he was one of the most fiercest striker. Currently on a free agent, any team can utilize the quality this player brings.



5. Ibrahim Afellay

Once named to bAfellay free agentse one of the best wingers in his time. Because of  his injury it didn’t let him reach to his full potential. Besides that (injuries) he is a terrific player. At the age of 32, he is a free agent without any injuries. Therefore, he can be a great addition to any team with the quality he brings.


6. Darren Bent

Former EnglishDarren Bent free agents striker Bent has been without a club since the summer. He has scored over 100 Premier League goals. The 34 year old striker could be an option for a team needing someone to score a few important goals. He might not be the perfect option but can be a good option for any team looking for a striker.


7. Jordan Mutch

Yohan Cabaye free agentsFormer Crystal Palace midfielder been looking for a club. He has never been a top draw player but he can be a good utility player for any team. Because he has quality with the ball and can provide some vital assists.



8. Stephen M’Bia

Former FrenStephen Mbia free agentsch league player playing in Toulouse. His contract ended this summer because the team didn’t feel he could play at a high level. He is known for his speed and his strength. So even at the age of 32, he can still provide exact same quality for any team.

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